"Choco 4 Change" mit Datteln und Kakao (Bio) (Fair+)

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80g | Your chocolate made from organic cocoa products with ground organic dates and organic hazelnut pulp!


You. We. Everyone can do something - for positive changes in our world. Also this fair organic whole milk chocolate. Bit by bit, she supports our partners in climate protection. Thank you for participating!

Climate change is hitting smallholders in southern countries in particular. You can find out how they can master the challenges with your help at www.gepa.de/Choco4Change

CECAQ-11 plants trees to protect against climate change

Particularly aromatic cocoa beans thrive on the island of São Tomé. However, extreme weather conditions such as drought and heavy rain are now threatening the harvest. By planting new trees such as fruteira (breadfruit tree), CECAQ-11 smallholders are preventing erosion. The foliage also provides fertile humus, which stores rainwater better. Such projects prepare the ground for the future and preserve biodiversity!

KCU is committed to the climate

Many families in Tanzania still cook with wood on open fireplaces. With energy-efficient stoves, the Kagera Co-operative Union (KCU) aims to reduce emissions and pickup. This is also a contribution to climate protection, in which we support the climate compensation fund of church organizations. More on this at www.klima-kollekte.de

Organic whole milk chocolate without compromise

Our melt-in-the-mouth fair trade pure milk chocolate in the best organic quality is characterized by a particularly high cocoa content of 37% - and is 100% organic and fair trade. With raw cane sugar and real cocoa butter, but without emulsifiers and particularly tender thanks to the extra-long conching.

  • With fair organic milk ✔
  • Without emulsifiers ✔
  • Cocoa butter as the only fat used ✔

Fair trade whole milk chocolate with organic alpine milk

For the production of our organic whole milk chocolate we use fair Naturland organic alpine milk from the cooperative Milchwerke Berchtesgadener Land, which was the first dairy in Germany to have successfully undergone the Naturland Fair certification. For the Naturland organic farmers in the foothills of the Alps, "fair" means that they receive a higher price for their valuable milk, so that they can continue to operate their farms.

Note on packaging

The inner wrapping for our Fair Trade whole milk chocolate is the environmentally friendly Naturflex film, which consists of 90-94% renewable raw materials (cellulose). It is biodegradable and compostable according to EU standard EN 13432. According to this, 90% of the film has rotted away after 90 days at the latest